Panhandle Classic * Cantonment, FL

DEC 6, 2014: Cantonment (Pensacola), FL (Site: Ransom Middle School) 
Panhandle Classic4 Rounds Swiss * G/60; d5. USCF Rated, 4 Sections.                            Site is Ransom Middle School at 1000 W. Kingsfield Rd, Cantonment, FL.                               For more info, email Caesar Lawrence –                          Advance Registration is Recommended. Follow us on Facebook.

National Chess Day Scholastic * Birmingham

Oct 11, 2014: Birmingham, AL (Site: Brookwood Village Mall – Food Court)
National Chess Day Scholastic – 5 Rounds Swiss – USCF Rated and “Not Rated” sections.
Host Site is Brookwood Village Mall at 780 Brookwood Village, Birmingham, AL. Contact Caesar Lawrence – email: for more information. Proceeds donated to Children’s of Alabama!